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Agility dogs

Six of the eight dogs that donated $5,500 to local Charities

Clockwise from the top: Tess Mello, Gemma Maule, Ace Zanfagna, Solace Amaral, Sancia Vesley and Bella Gosling.
Missing from photo: Carmen Moran and Shadow Shadbolt.

Press Release sent May 3, 2012

DTC Agility Dogs donate over $5,500

The Dog Training Club of Bermuda (DTC) is proud to announce that their “Agility Run for Charity” raised over $5,500. Held on Friday & Saturday, April 20 & 21, at the 74th Agricultural Exhibition at the Botanical Gardens some of Bermuda’s top agility dogs and their people ran four agility rounds each.

Dog Agility is a dog sport where the handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. It is a dog sport that requires exceptional training and coordination of both dog and handler. It is also a sport that a variety of types of dogs can participate in, as you can see from the list below.

So it is a great opportunity for the DTC to show the community what our wonderful Bermuda dog teams can do; how much fun we have with our dogs; how much fun the dogs have, and raise money for charity at the same time.

Each dog/handler team represented a different charity. The dog with the fastest time and fewest faults over the two days was the winner. It was a close fight for first place between Douglas Mello with his Border Collie, Tess and Mara Zanfagna with her mixed breed rescue dog Ace. Although Ace was the only dog to get four clear rounds, Douglas and Tess won out in the end and awarded $2,000 to the Bermuda SPCA who they were representing.

The full results and monetary donations are as follows:
Douglas Mello & Border Collie Tess - $2,000 to SPCA

Mara Zanfagna & mixed breed rescue dog Ace - $1,000 to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation

Cathy Gosling & Labrador Bella - $750 to the Montessori Trust (Somersfield Academy)

Donna Vesely & mixed breed SPCA rescue dog Sancia - $550 to Windreach Recreational Village

Tracy MacPhee & Labrador Gemma - $370 to Ocean Support Foundation

Janice Moran & Keeshond Carmen - $350 the Bermuda Zoological Society

12 year old Hannah Shadbolt & Papillon Shadow - $250 to Agape House/Friend of Hospice

Donna Amaral & Toy Poodle Solace - $250 to The Family Centre


Some of the dogs, handlers and charity representatives at the donation hand-over.

From left: Donna Vesley & Sancia for Windreach Recreational Village; Graham Maddocks of Ocean Support Foundation and
Tracy MacPhee & Gemma; Mara Zanfagna & Ace and Denise Riviere of Bermuda Sloop Foundation; Glyn Roberts of SPCA
and Douglas Mello & Tess; (front) Cathy Gosling & Bella for Somersfield Academy; (back) Donna Amaral & Solace and Martha
Dismont of The Family Centre; Sarah Dunstan for Agape House/Friend of Hospice and Linda Johnston for the Bermuda
Zoological Society.