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BKC Breed Show Entry Info

The Bermuda Kennel Club Championship International All Breed Dog Shows are held under the Bermuda Kennel Club rules and regulations.

Every dog entered must be registered with, or eligible for registration, with the Bermuda Kennel Club and must be at least six months of age.

If a dog is not registered individually with the Bermuda Kennel Club, it may be entered under the club’s rules as a “listed” dog provided it is not born in Bermuda and that it is “eligible” for individual registration with the Bermuda Kennel Club.

To register a dog with the Bermuda Kennel Club you must apply for Registration and include:

A photocopy of the Registration Certificate issued by the Governing Kennel Club (i.e.: AKC/CKC) of the country in which you reside, or the dog was born, showing your ownership of the dog.

And ...a photocopy of the Certified Pedigree of the Dog to a minimum of three (3) generations, with an official registration number for each and every one of the fourteen immediate ancestors, issued by a recognized stud book or record (e.g. AKC/CKC).

PLEASE NOTE: Breeder’s pedigrees, or pedigrees purchased from pedigree services are not acceptable, and that in the case of The Kennel Club, England (KC) it is their Export Pedigree (not their Certified Pedigree) that is required.

See Forms page for the BKC Registration Form