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BKC Affiliated (Lcensed) Dog Clubs

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BKC Affiliated (Licensed) Dog Clubs

The BKC will register clubs which can represent all or particular breeds, disciplines or activities. These clubs must agree to abide by BKC Regulations and must be formed with a committee and membership structure.

If you think you would like to begin the process of applying to register your club or society with the BKC the first steps are to collate the information listed below:
~Club name
~Purpose of club
~A list of officers and contact info
~A list of current members ( minimum membership of (10) ten—including the Officers—should be reached within the first year)
~A copy of the proposed Constitution/Rules and bylaws
~Clubs should follow the “BKC Dog Show Regulations” carefully.

When your club feels it meets the criteria, submit your presentation to the BKC. The Board will review the material and determine if the club can be placed on our records. Once a favourable decision is made, your club will be formally notified that it is eligible to apply to hold BKC sanctioned/licensed shows, trials or tests.

A club is granted points show statsu upon approval of the Board of Directors of the Bermuda Kennel Clubs. Matches and Sanctioned Matches are not required as a prerequesite.

The BKC is happy to discuss the loan of equipment needed to hold conformation shows and financial assistance or monetary concession with a new club once it is registered.

Interesting links regarding forming a new dog club can be seen at: