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You could think about bringing in a puppy in from the UK.
A puppy can travel from the UK to Bermuda from the age of 10 weeks – that is the earliest British Airways (BA) will allow a dog to travel.

BA requires that when you ship your puppy from the UK that you must use an animal courier (shipping) company – there are several that have shipped dogs to Bermuda and are familiar with the Bermuda requirements – it's really not as formidable a task as one thinks.

A good animal courier (shipping) company should be happy to do all the organizing for you, or a little as you want:

~Some require the puppy to spend one of two nights in their kennels for vet checks etc before flight, but this is not a necessity.

~A good animal courier (shipping) company should be happy to work with you and your breeder (who can arrange the vet checks etc) so there is no need for a young puppy overnighting in another strange environment.

Finding a Breeder directly
is the definitely the best way.

~Good breeders will not sell via a pet shop or through a "broker/dealer" (a middle man).
See this link at the UK Kennel Club:  http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/kennel-club-campaigns/puppy-farming/how-to-help-stop-puppy-farming/ 

"The Kennel Club" website is very user friendly and lists breeders for all the breeds at: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/services/public/acbr/Default.aspx

Also, most breeds have at least one “Breed Club”, so if you Google the Breed you are interested in, the word Club and the country you should get good results. Most "Breed Clubs" also have a List of Breeders,

So… you’re looking for a puppy in Bermuda?

The Bermuda Kennel Club (BKC) does not have a "list of local breeders. The BKC could not presume to approve them all. And not all local breeders breed pure bred dogs, which is the BKC's priority – though we are concerned about the welfare of all dogs.

The BKC is purely the Governing Body and Official Registry of Pure Bred dogs, and mixed breed dogs for competition trials, in Bermuda. And the BKC is run by volunteers.

Some local breeders sell their puppies through eMoo.bm (Bermuda's equivalent of eBay) so you could look there but Bermuda does have our share of puppy mill breeders too so please be careful. We have had reports of puppies bought from a local pet shop being very sick, and complaints from people who paid $3,000 and more for puppies where the local breeder promised they would be registered with the BKC, but they have never received the Pedigree papers and are now upset.

A good bet would be to ask the local veterinarians if they know of any litters and if they would give your name to the breeders in hope of being considered a new owner. Or put up posters on the vets notice boards asking about looking for a puppy. The dog wardens know of litters so you could ask them also.

Yes - people complain that it is difficult to get a puppy in Bermuda. But it should be difficult to get a good puppy ...from anywhere ...a good breeder is very careful about where their bundles of puppy love go. No matter where you live.

~Be sure to find a Breeder that you are happy with and who can show you the dam (mother) and the sire (father) of the puppies.

~You will find that a good reputable and responsible Breeder will want to know lots about you and what type of home their puppy will be going to.

~You also should ask lots of questions about them and the dam & sire of the puppy. Some Breeders like to actually meet the people before they will send a puppy – you definitely want to have a good rapour with the Breeder who can help with the rearing of your puppy and to make sure you get all the correct paperwork.

Alternatively, you can bring an older puppy in from the US or Canadabut take note that because of the current Bermuda Rabies Vaccinations required it would have to be at least 10 months old.
See the Bermuda Government regulations on that at: https://www.gov.bm/online-services/import-dog-or-cat

That being said, if you know what breed you are looking for, the BKC Registration Officer may be able to put you in touch with local breeders who register their litters, or local people who have contacts in other countries they could put you in touch with.

Good Luck and happy shows and trials with your new puppy.